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Originally Posted by Rapogh View Post
Hello, i made a digital subscription on 16/10/2012 and want to get the game key for dota 2.
I made the subscription after the date the keys were sent out so i mailed [email][/email], but didn't get any response. So i mailed [email][/email] , because i saw this on the forums, but i didn't get a response. I added a proof to both of the mails.
What do i have to do to get my key ?
When did you send your email? The keys are currently sent out manually by Chris during office hours, so if you sent the email after he posted a set it's not an automated system and doesn't continually send them out automatically. Depending on when you sent your request, in theory it's when Chris can get around to doing the next lot of keys (as given he has to work on the magazine and website etc at the same time is why he does them in batches rather than respond to each request individually.) It's not ideal, so there are systems currently in the process of being worked on for the future, but for now you may have to be patient.
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