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It was good fun and it's a long time since we had a wipe-fest like that.

Some observations:

Targeting - Might be an idea to create three targeting macro's for quick switching between dogs. Tanks could also add a taunt so they have a one button press for targeting and taunting.

Food - I think it was a bit of a waste using feasts. Until we start hitting the enrage timer only the tanks and possibly the healers need a food buff. Single servings of food are a lot cheaper to make then feasts.

Gear - We are way under geared for this at the moment and that will improve over the next few weeks. Each week make sure you do LFR, Sha of Anger and Galleon; use your tokens on the last two. Get Golden Lotus rep to Revered to open August Celestrials and Shado-Pan dailies.

It took Team Win nearly 3 months to start to raid in Cata so starting just three after release is great.
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