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the charms do work in normal/heroic they work the same way they just give a chance to get loot again, but as akee founds out the loot from them is subject to RNG, they don't guarantee loot on any difficulty they can give you nothing, they can give you a sack of gold or they could give you an item from that boss. if it was guaranteed loot they would be that OP raid leaders would be forcing people to have and use them every week.

so akee your charms worked as intended the game decided you won loot (sometimes the loot roll doesn't even give you a bag of gold) and it also decided you had won the bag of gold rather than an item.

as for how they work in normal/heroic, its the exact same way they work in LFR/world boss, you kill the boss if you have the charms the box pops up asking if you want to use it.
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