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First of all, one of the great things about GW2 is that you can get a feel for a class pretty fast, owing to the fact that it only takes a few dozen kills to unlock the skills for a given weapon set. You will of course be missing the skills that would fill your utility slots (you buy the skills with skill points you earn, and the slots unlock at predetermined levels). But still, the weapon skills (hotkeys 1-5) are the ones you'll primarily be using. So try all the professions you're interested in, then decide!

Your list is probably more or less the list you'll want to pick from, given your playstyle. Of them, I've only played as an Elementalist, which I'm definitely enjoying. You are a bit of a glass cannon, but the game also gives you plenty of trap/stun moves, in addition to the dodge move that all classes are capable of. Elementalist is very versatile - you have four different attunements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) which each have different weapons skills and match up with different combat needs (fire=dps, water=healing/support, etc).

While I haven't played it myself, I do have a friend who plays as a ranged (spellcaster) Mesmer, so it's definitely possible.

A few other considerations. First, Engineer might be something to consider. It's a bit tougher than the spellcasters, but it's entirely (or at least almost entirely) ranged. However, the turrets you throw down might be a bit too much like pets for your liking, I don't know. Give it a look, anways.

A second thing to consider is actually warrior. In GW2, Warriors are capable of using some ranged weapons (longbows and rifles, but not pistols, I believe), and they are very survivable, since they wear heavy armor. And if the enemy closes the gap, you can always switch to melee!
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