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[SIZE="5"]Shado Pan[/SIZE]
Once you are Revered with the Golden Lotus. you will unlock the Shado Pan hub in Townlong Steppes the Hub is located at Gao-Ran Battlefront. At honoured you will be able to purchase a few fun items including [URL=""]Breakable wood stacks[/URL]. Once you are Revered with the Shado Pan you are able to purchase Helmets Trinkets and Capes for most roles as well as the Major Weapon enchants i.e. [URL=""]Jade Spirit[/URL], [URL=""]River's Song [/URL]and [URL=""]Dancing Steel[/URL]. Once you hit Exalted with the Shado pan you will unlock 3 [URL=""]mounts[/URL] and a Transmog [URL=""]Helmet [/URL]. The Helmet comes as cloth, Leather, Mail or Plate so everyone to transmog to it.

[SIZE="5"]The August Celestial [/SIZE]
Once you get revered with the Golden Lotus the August Celestial's quests will become Available. to Start these quests you must firstly go to [URL=""]Sage Lotusbloom [/URL] the Quartermaster underneath Shrine of the Two Moons and ask her where help is needed. She will send you to one if four temples. Temple of the Jade serpent, Temple of the Red Crane, Temple of the Black Ox or Temple of the White Tiger. Each day will be Different so you have to go back and ask her each day. At Revered, players can purchase epic wrists, gloves, and boots with Valor Points as well as several recipes for enchant Bracers. Once you hit Exalted you are able to purchase 2 [URL=""]Thundering Cloud Serpents[/URL].
__________________________________________________ ___________________________

Each Daily quest gives you 4 things:
. Rep with the corresponding faction
. Approximately 20 gold per quest
. 5 Valor Points (until the 1000 weekly cap)
. 2 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune

Once you have 90 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune you can trade them in for 3 Elder charms of Good Fortune. (note you can only trade them in once a week and can only have a maximum of 10) These are used for extra rolls on loot in Raid Finder and on World Bosses. Each boss you kill you will automatically get a chest containing either Gold or an Epic item for your class and spec at the time of the kill. (i.e. you tank it you get tank loot). Upon killing the boss you will also be asked if you want to spend an Elder Charm to get a Second chance on loot. This is worth doing as I've done all my daily quests every day and still have over 360 Lesser charms in the bank after only 10 days of Daily
__________________________________________________ ___________________________
So if your after epics for raids you must do Golden lotus and Klaxxi to start with and then August Celestial's and shado pan when they unlock.

If you want to level Cooking doing the Tillers is a must

If you want to level Fishing the Anglers make life easier.

If you want want to use ANY type of Cloud serpent because everyone Cloud serpent in the game needs cloud serpent flying you must do Order of the Cloud Serpent.

If your a mount hoarder your have to do them all because every single faction has a mount.

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