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Originally Posted by PiLoT8585 View Post
to be honest i didnt like towny

fair enought it gave ares of land protection. but peoples desire to be a closed off town preventing good navigation of footways and bridges, map 1 was a good example there were roadseverywhere and you have to learn which way you needed to go. and youd essentially have to view othewr builds and appreciate them on the way. a lot of that has gone and i think this may bring it back
I can understand how people who've been griefed would want closed builds.
But, like Pilot, I also think its nice to be able to see a town with nice builds and walk through it.

Perhaps once you have your rail system in place, you could do like what the UK server does? Have a "trial" period where someone can't build or place, but can travel. Perhaps have a set of rules that they must read and agree to before a mod or admin gives them Builder status?

(I may have missed it if you guys already do this btw. In that case, apologies. )
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And when you see them you'll be all like :O and we'll be all like and then people on the forums will still be all like(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻(Link)
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