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Talking PCGE Frigate Football Game

Dear all,
with the Euro championship over, I suggest to have our own attempt on some decent space ship football now .

As proposed by Deadard earlier and discussed briefly in corp chat last night, it would be a great idea to have a "friendly" PCGE football game. No idea what I am talking about? Believing your CEO finally is going nuts? (no comments, pls) Have a look on the [URL=""]Frigate Football Eve forum thread[/URL]. Let us have a further discussion about rules and fits here in this thread. All stuff should be T1 only to give newbies and veterans a more level playing field.

Starter rules for discussion are (courtesy to DireStorm):
Frigate Football should be played on a playing field 100km long and any length wide. Each team has an anchored Secure Container (the Goals) at one end of the field.

The ball should be a jet can with an object inside.

The objective is to bring the ball to your team's goal post.

Each of the two teams should have an equal number of players. Each player should be flying a T1 frigate. Larger ships (or interceptors) are optional at the discretion of the teams.

*No damage dealt to either the players, the ball, or the goals. However, nos/neut, EW, and web/scram is OK.
*No microwarp drives.
*No destruction of the ball(by looting it, for instance). The ball must be dragged via tractor beam.
*Each time the ball is dragged to a goal, the team whose goal it is scores one point. Victory is determined either by time limit, or when a team reaches a given number of points.

Let me know how many are interested (post here) and I will go on planniong the next steps. Come on, guys .. should be fun .. may be in future we can have frienfly inter-corp matches. It should be also some good PVP tackle training.

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