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"Technology equal's Might!" and we of the Vanu Sovereignty throw down oppressor's as we rise up and prepare the human race to defend our Auraxian home world.

[URL=""]Planetside[/URL] is more than just a new game coming around the corner. When representing the Vanu Sovereignty, you should be available 25/7 and know it's long vast [URL=""]history[/URL], the reason's why, we rose up against the TR and why the NC declared war on us.

With Planetside 2 just round the corner, many players will be online and available during all hours of the week. To lead an outfit for yourself or on behalf of PC Gamer which is what I hope you mean, by recruiting here, you'll need more dedication than just a weekend jaunt. Operation's will be ongoing everyday and it's solid, dependable leadership, that will win the day and promote not only VS, and PCG, but the game population balance. That requires a LOT of skill in leadership, considering the numbers PCG and other outfits will bring to this game, from the original planetside game.

My advice for you is to join a solid group, where the teamwork and leadership is already in place, to learn from them . In the future, if you want to start a new outfit, you'll at least have the knowledge through gameplay of what's expected from you as a leader.

Good luck.