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4 PM PT Massive Dogfight over the Auraxis ocean.

Sadly, a miscommunication with SOE ingame staff and community, which postponed two events and nearly prevented this fight, was quickly placed together into a wonderfull dog fight between the NC, TR and VS.

Whilst another GM event had started, hundreds of mossies, wasps, reavers and galaxy gunships flew the skies, blowing each other to pieces as we swarmed around trying to dodge thousands of bullet's to see the Vanu Sovereignty claim the day!

Thanks to players like Noble, from Azure Twilight for organising the event and hope to see many more today, in the official "Planetside Day".

Sunday's event's include -

9PM - (Empire War run by PlanetsideTV)
12AM(Monday Morning) - Planetside Day Parade

However we are told to watch for surprises.

Hope to see you there.
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