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Hello I'd like to contribute.
[list][*][url=""]Tips on how to Stay Safe in Eve[/url][*][URL=" ThhZTYtNzUxMWFlZmEzODVj&hl=en"]The Goonswarm Alliance Newbie Guide [/URL] - This is the current Goon newbie guide, and obviously written with them in mind, however it is the most useful guide I've ever read for newbies! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!![*][URL=" WFmYzMtMGFkMDM1MTI4Mjc0&hl=en"]Everything Wormhole[/URL] - A good wormhole guide for the interested[*][URL=" WFjZjAtOGIxZTcwZmUwNmM0&hl=en"]Beginners Guide to Piracy [/URL] - - Important for non-Pirates & anyone who might be passing through lowsec. (note: May be slightly outdated)[*][URL=""]Newbie Exploration & Probing guide [/URL] - A much cleared video then the official one for new players.[*][URL=""]Eve Fitting Tool (APP)[/URL] - Lets you experiment with ship fittings without buying them! The Ultimate theorycrafting tool for ship fittings.[*][URL=""]The Automagical Eve Political Map[/URL] - Not strictly a guide, but nice to look at - and it's all automated![*][URL=""]Eve Online Map Service and Statistics (DOTLAN)[/URL] This website is the resource for maps and statistics for eve.[*][URL=" WJjMmItNzAwYTlmMzE0YTBm&hl=en"]Eve Maps[/URL] - Has the same maps as DOTLAN, but in a convient pdf format for your downloading pleasure.[*][url][/url] - Ideal Overview[*][url][/url] - 0.0 Logistics Guide[*][url][/url] - Excellent set of blogs and guides for new players to eve. Everything from pve guides to how to set up a starbase.[/list]
All the links should now work =P

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