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Exclamation Herobrine Memory

[SIZE="2"][FONT="Arial"]I've actually experienced Herobrine on a privet server where me and some friends were playing a map called skylands I think. If you remember skylands it was rather open and you could go and find islands and other places with different stuff on them like "Volcano Island" or something. So Noxidite(member on this forum) and my other friend Bandit went into a deep cave and found a dungeon. So they were fighting their way thought it and then they saw a weird looking zombie as they first described it while in skype. At this time none of us had a computer that could even run Minecraft on far let alone run Fraps or any other recording software so they started taking screenshots and made them into a video. But while they were fighting in the dungeon they kept getting killed by this one "Steve Guy that was like a zombie" they said. What they were doing is when one person would die they would teleport to the other person who was still alive when they respawned. So I got on my best Iron armor (Lol) and a sword and teleported to them. You all remember back about version beta 1.6.9 or 1.7 when you would teleport to someone you would sometimes have to log out and then back in while waiting for world chunks to load. Since this was a home hosted server it was really bad about doing that. So then I teleported to Bandit, once I got there the only thing I could see were mobs before something one hit me. Bandit said “That is the thing that keeps killing me and Nox”. So I said “WTF?” and thought about [/SIZE]Herobrine and said no this person did not have full white as like Herobrine does.[/FONT]

[FONT="Arial"][URL=""]Anyone seen this before?[/URL]
Also in the video Noxidite's name is generationv3[/FONT]
[FONT="Arial"]If you want to just skip to the part where they get into the dungeon it's is about 1:05[/FONT]

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