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Default Thanks for the in game invite!

Yo Coconut Monkeys!

I'm a recruit. Still on my first empire character (Sith Juggernaut) because I'm married with children and only last month received permission to buy the game with a gift certificate to Best Buy! ;-)

I played DDO for 5 years before kids so familiar with the genre, but not the mechanics of SWTOR. Doing my best not to gimp my character and appreciate all the advice guild members can provide.

I'm level 27 now so happy to group with anyone for flashpoints or heroic missions to level quicker... happy to grind away solo as well... mostly because I only play an hour or two per night so monotony doesn't have time to set in.

I have yet to earn more than a few social points and have no idea how PvP works, so plenty to learn.

See you all online most evenings CST.


PS: All my characters will be some version of the name HairTie. Currently HairTie and HairTy. Long story involving my chest/stomach hair, and the shape of a tie, and formal dinner. Enough said.
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