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Originally Posted by Graydon View Post
I just found out I am rubbish at car racing games. Some tips for a beginner to realistic driving games?

Also the graphics are just amazing!
A common problem with realistic racing games is that without a triple monitor setup it is difficult to have a proper sense of speed so you often go into corners too fast because you think your going much slower than you actually are. In project Cars you can increase,, and decrease, the fov with the "[" and "]" keys. Try messing around with it a little to increase your sense of speed. It will start to distort your view tho if you go too high.
You should also make sure you turn all of the driving aids off and try to manually change gears. It helps with braking in time if your thinking about slowing down and shifting into 2nd gear for a sharp turn. Also if you don't have a wheel the more realistic racing games are going to be much more difficult. I'm sure people can play them with a controller but it's definitely harder.
Also at first you should just try to learn one track. Practice it by yourself without any AI and start off slow. The first lap or two you will have cold tires that don't grip a lot and make it difficult to brake. Start to gradually increase your speed as your tires warm up and as you become more comfortable with the track. It's very important to follow the proper racing line too and hit those apex's in turns correctly. Turning in too late or too early can throw everything off. Just keep practicing though and it will get easier and easier.
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