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Default NZXT Screw HARD

so I'm disassembling my phantom in preparation for putting things in it, and I notice that most of the pre-applied screws are on a level of tighness no human can manage

now I'm not the strongest or most confidently dextrous chap in the world, so half an hour ago I contacted a polish friend, a 6'6" hulk of a man who used to make roads and now makes and repairs computers

and he can't get anywhere with the screws holding the fans and dust covers in case either

any tips?

far less urgent, the pop-on-pop-off things that hold the front and top panels onto the case are the best I've ever seen

except one of the top panel poppers, which is unreachable from below and will not budge when the panel is lifted as intended - it's on the front corner, so I'm loathe to break it off, but should I?

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