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thanks for the well wishes! i don't want to go into much more detail of my other reasons for risk of sounding like a grumpy moaning so-and-so if you know what i mean...
what i will say though, about the warrior changes, is that for blizz to make warrior tanking more proactive like DK tanking they had to redo the way the rage mechanic works. And it's going to affect dps warriors as well (which was something i feared since they announced they wanted to change tanking). So come mists some attacks will generate rage, and some attacks will spend it - so it'll be similar to how focus works. Now i do like hunter, but there's something about the feel of focus that really irritates me. I've tried out most of the classes to a reasonable degree, but i always come back to my warrior - i just feel that they're fixing (read: breaking) what ain't broke, and it's would leave a thorn in my side because of it...

however, ill be sure to mists a go when a trial comes out like they have done before for the other expansions
maybe one day i will return
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