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Default A farewell message...

To all you beautiful people...

It saddens me to tell you that in just over a week, on the 5th of March, my subscription time will end and I will not be renewing it. I have gradually found WoW less appealing to play, and now pretty much only log in to raid. Although I still enjoy raiding, I simply don't play enough for it to be worth my money. I also do not like many of Blizzards decisions and design philosophy; a combination of simplification, nothing to teach people to play in-game, greedy business model, and changes to the warrior class come mists... I'm not going to leave a metaphorical mmorpg sized hole in myself though, I am waiting (with IMMENSE anticipation) for the release of GW2.

If it wasn't for the guild I probably would have quit a while back, but you guys always kept me hooked. The prospect of joining PC Gamer's official WoW guild was in fact one of the biggest reasons that I started playing! Joining Team Win and progressing through the end of t11, through Firelands, and now through Dragon Soul, has been such a great experience. Getting Deathwing down before my departure (because I know we can) would be a great note to go out on. I am very sorry that I haven't given you more warning, but when I made the decision a couple of months ago the date seemed forever away - it's pretty hard to let go.

For the time that I'm still here I'd like to help out as much as I can, to give something back. I have a measly amount of gold (the guild is swimming in it anyway) but what I do have is lots of crafting mats - if anyone needs some blacksmithed gear, give me a shout here or catch me in game. I also have 10 enchanted elementium bars for Thunderaan if anyone is working towards it.

A big thanks to you, PCG, to team Win, to the officers, for making my time in WoW the best it could possibly be! I hope to see you in Guild Wars 2, and know that I will be leaving my brother in good company
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