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Post Legacy System Speculation

I am very interested in the Legacy System with in SWTOR. What types of bonuses do you think we will get in the future updates and what levels will we get them at? They said the benefits of it would not break the game and they do not want to make characters dependent upon them.

1. Shared Stash for items and credits
2. See your Alts on your ship and be able to interact with them.
3. Once you get a datacron all characters share it. Based on level of course.
4. +% Exp gain
5. Sprint at level 7.
6. Bind on Account customizations for companions.
7. +5% affection gain.
8. +5% Light or Darkside Points.
9. White or Black Lightsaber crystal based on the overall light or dark side points of all your characters? The white one would have blue electric flow through it, and the black one red. Could have to have a max total of light or dark points that you would have to get with all characters.
10. Weapon that has your Legacy name on it. Could go with #9.
11. -%5 durability loss on death.
12. Special Legacy shop can buy items that give a better bonus than the normal ones you could buy for your level. You can obtain more items the high your legacy level goes and/or better items for lower levels can be increased by a % based on the legacy level.

What would be the biggest bonus they could give without making characters required to have it to raid.

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