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Default Tribes Ascend - Closed Beta - Info + PCG Game Nights

Originally Posted by Megazell View Post
[CENTER]Closed Beta - Tribes Ascend - Closed Beta

First Person Shooter
Single Player - No
Multiplayer - Yes
Gamepad Support - Yes

Theme: Science Fiction

Tribes Ascend is an multiplayer-only FPS based in the Tribes universe. The game is currently in a closed beta available to those who pre-purchased a Tribes Gold package or received a closed beta key. A key can be obtained by "liking" the Tribes: Ascend Facebook page, or signing up on the Tribes: Ascend official website.

The game will be F2P (free to play) and financially supported by micro-transactions of in-game gold. Gold can be used to unlock additional classes, class upgrades, perks and double experience boosts. Players earn XP (experience points) by playing the game. XP can be used to unlock everything gold unlocks as well as upgrading classes by improving weapons, armor and perks.

Megazell's Comment - I like it a lot.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP SP 2 or higher
CPU: 2.7 Ghz
Memory: 2 Gb
Video: 512 Mb
Hard Drive: 10 Gb

Download it here - [url][/url]

[URL=""]--> Click Here! <--
For The Full List Of 'Free And Legal PC Games.'

^ That's info on the game so far.

We should use Xfire to connect with each other and play it.

Xfire - [url][/url]

My xfire name is Megazell

My Tribes Ascend name is Megazell

I'm down to play any night after 10:00 PM EST.

Let's thump!

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