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Most of the players from the village on Freedom have now moved over to the Epic server village, but the one on Freedom is still there and open to any who want to settle there. We have a communal village alt. who can invite people, just pop into [URL=""]our IRC channel[/URL] and if someone is there they can hopefully sort that out.

As for getting to the village, if you only have the starting gear you can suicide over to the village after you've been invited. This will cause you to lose a couple of the items (not sure exactly what new accounts get now, but you'll keep most of it) and arrive immediately. If however you wish to arrive on foot it will require more effort (like most things in Wurm).

Keeping the instructions up to date was difficult enough when we had lots of members there, as the Wurm landscape is always changing, so it's fallen behind quite a bit. The general directions will still be okay, but a lot of the details will have changed. [URL=""]This player-made map[/URL] is kept reasonably up to date with regards to the main roads and villages, the PCG Village can be found at grid coordinates 52x 14y.

The best route is to head East from Freedom Market then North-East through the huge mass of villages, after that it's fairly easy to make your way through The Grand Steppe and onto the village. Good luck on your journey.
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