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Originally Posted by Olgit View Post
At this stage, I am a little concerned that I have been relegated to "Subbed" already when group 3 is still looking for DPS, especially when we know a group 4 is needing to start also.

I don't mind helping out any team should it be needed, but I think I'd like a perm spot at this early stage, than be left on the side lines "hoping" to raid.
its not relegation.

the list at the moment lists those who participated for the week already, and in which group. the point of this is to know who's on lockout already.

since u replaced a dps for group 2 last week and completed soa, u were on lockout and hence i placed you with that status, for convenience to other people trying to plan op groups for that week

Originally Posted by Anbas View Post
Do we have times for those raid to be run?
Its waaaaay too early for me to be looking to raid as I'm only lvl 13 as yet but would like to know what days/times we are running.
most ops run on tuesday evening as tuesdays are when lockouts end. the exact timing is up to your group and will be agreed on beforehand.

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