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Originally Posted by Kesare View Post
Hi I'm up for tanking with my lvl 50 Sith warrior jugg, I don't know what gear I need or where's best to get it so any advice would be smashing.
easiest way to get gear is by doing pvp. its insanely easy, just do your weekly and daily pvp quests. u will get 'champion gear bags'. just open then and pray you're lucky to get a champion gear token (not comm mind).

HM flashpoints give same tier 2 pve versions of the gear, which are slightly better in stats than pvp gear (minus expertise pvp stat). but this path takes a much longer time, as only one piece drops from the last boss of said HM fp. also there is the chance that the gear dropped in the FP is for another class.

torak is handling group 4 atm if i'm not mistaken. give him a yell in game for more info
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