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I'd been waiting to post in here, since I was under the NDA, as a Beta Tester, and didn't want to shoot myself in the foot, so to speak....but as of today, the cat is out of the bag.

I play on the Landroval Server, and have been in the Kinship "Rohirrim" since Beta 1, 3 years ago. We're fairly small, and tight group. We aren't a raiding kinship, but we do have ties/alliances to a few kins that allow those of us that do raid to participate, when we want. We are also what I'd call Med-RP...(I know that most of you will dread the thought of those words)...when I say Medium, I mean it...We have events where we are all IC, but no one flops of the ground crying if you goof. We try to encourage you to RP with us, but it's NOT a requirement.(we give A's for effort though!!)...We have an entire chat for RP, and a seperate one for OOC.

We also run alot of Events...Examples would be like our Horse Lords Fest Coming near the end of this month. We have games(Races(both horse and foot), band competetions, poetry competetion, fishing contests, joke contests, sparring contests, and I'm sure I'm missing few.) We hand out food and drink(and smoke ). Last year this event gathered around 100 people into our kinship's yard/neighborhood, and it lasted well over 4 hours. We try to make it loads of fun and include all. Prizes are handed out after each event, generally in the theme of Rohan(Like a Rohan Spear, or Armour Piece(s)). We also hold regular "Musters" or meetings, here we gather to promote people(complete with an Oath), and often follow it up with a march thru town, and/or a simple game of tag.

We are a Rank 12 Kin, have 2 Kinhouses(one up the street from the other). Our main goal is simple, play nice and have fun...kinda like the Rule #1 Here...Being a Dick isn't tolerated, at all....I have the /boot function set to a button to be sure there is no delay in the cause/effect system.(I've only used it 2 times in 3 years due to our interviewing system)

I realize that all of this may not sound great to many of you, but if anything I've said here sounds like fun to you, shoot me a post in-game(Deto, on Landroval Server), or if you'd rather jump ahead and apply with us, please visit, and sign-up at : [url][/url].

If you'd rather not join but want to just shoot the breeze, feel free to add me to your friends list(again, on Landroval) I'll be more than glad to help any of you, my fine friends at PC Gamer.


PS: Please don't let the whole "RP" thing scare you, and/or creep you out...I am probably the least RP of our group(Came from a hard-core raid guild in WOW, and had never even attempted to RP). It truely can be fun, especially with people who aren't asshats about it. Also we don't do "Drama" style RP...(thinking of Goldshire...*shivers*)
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