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So we had our first run tonight.
We had:
Karbin -Enhance Shammy
Spottywot- Anig's Tank Pally
Zórk - Dps Warrior
Waxoff - hunter, joined us for HoO

We did 2 dungeons, pugged the heals and missing deeps.
First up was Lost City, where Anig ran like the wind and tanked like a Blood Elf Pally Boss.

Next up was Hall of Origination, where we picked up Waxy. Somehow we got half way with 1 healer. Who dropped after 1 boss. Next healer got as far as the doors of the Vault of Lights.

After possibly the shortest wait (lol) we got our pally healer and we bounced through the rest.

Only deaths were myself to a trash pack and someone else. I ressed and no one batted an eyelid.

Overall, as Anig knew his way around w did OK.

Definitely whetted my appitite for more, so I'm going to bug people even more now!
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