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Default Welcome to PCG Enterprises

[SIZE="5"]PCG Enterprises Facts[/SIZE]

[LIST][*]PCGE was founded in 2010 for the PC Gamer EVE player community[*]Corp ticker: [PCGE][*]Relaxed, friendly and fun group[*]Mainly EU Time Zones in the moment, but all TZs welcome[*]Based in Gallente space high sec [*]10% tax[*]Active in Empire & WHs[*]WH exploration and active WH operations[*]PvE (Missions / Ratting / Plexing)[*]Indy (Mining / Manufacturing / PI / Research)[*]Regular group ops (but not compulsory)[INDENT][*]Mining fleets (weekly with Orca on standby for bonuses)[*]Mission fleets[*]PVP boot camp[/INDENT][*]Corp hangar and office services to support new members efficiently[*]Ship programme, equipment and skill books for newbies[*]Ship and equipment support for corp activities[*]PCG EVE Forum site[*]Dedicated Ventrillo server[/LIST]

[SIZE="4"]In development or planning stage[/SIZE][LIST][*]Incursions (High-Sec)[*]Research and manufacturing capabilities (PoS)[/LIST]
PCG Enterprises is looking for:
[/SIZE][LIST][*]Players looking for the adventure and profit of wormhole life.[*]New players who want to learn how to survive in EVE.[*]Pilots who want and enjoy teamwork.[*]Pilots who want to contribute the best way they can[*]Experienced players from all kind of careers who like to teach[*]Miners, Mission Runners, experienced or budding Industrialists[*]No basic game knowledge required but do the tutorials first if new to Eve[/LIST]
[SIZE="4"]More information about PCGE [/SIZE]
Visit our forum: [url][/url]
Join our public in-game channel “PCG community”

[SIZE="4"]PCGE Recruitment[/SIZE]
Read this forum thread: [URL=""]How to join us and how to find us?[/URL]
Submit your application in the forum [URL=""]Recruitment thread[/URL]!
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