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Just to clear things up a bit
1 NO one from PCG or Corr told me anything, I hear because I was there
2 Balaam I don't care what you think, you are no longer a member of PCG
3 Miss Your doing a great job and will continue and I'll talk to you in officer chat.
4 everyone get off of the negative stuff look at the good bits, ie the raid leader position, joint raid ect. Also the arrival of someone from PCG, who might even be in the guild already!!!!!!, that'll get all the conspir theroys out and paranoid members thinking
also post your Rift stories so we can get them in the mag and some exposure in it. Fed up of reading about eve and wow in it and how good those games are it's time for us to shiney (pun intended)
Lastly Miss your right peeps leave PCG but can't seem to let go and post crap as a leaving present to cause more drama.
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