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Originally Posted by Red Leader Zala View Post
I would be interested too.

The thing is we really just need to get on and start playing and try to get these hard mode missions and new content done before the new one is released. Maybe we should try and organise a mass event for a few weeks time where we throw like a kind of welcome back guild arty and do Z missions and other things?
Again I totally agree. I also want us to get into the idea of Vanquish Night. We could make a Friday night (for example) a Vanquish night, and spend the evening just getting through a particular area and then re-doing it for some other guildies too. Each week we could put a campaign, and the guild can vote for the Vanquish area for the following week. This is easy for my paragon who can go everywhere in all the campaigns and I'd be happy to lead a few people to their doom hehe.

We can definitely make GW a positive experience for those of us who are interested. But it's hard to do it when there is no active leadership. I do want to change that, I think that by being more active we will encourage more active participation.

Lets try to get things of the ground first and see how we go. In order to try and break with the past I have changed our GH and our Guild Cape. I will put it to a vote once we get more active members. But for the moment it feels a bit new.

Anyway please post ideas, suggestions etc here.
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