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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
Well I took

and an other I cant spot right now, rightly or wrongly to be a criticism rather than a suggestion and laying the blame on Lolly and myself.

At one point I'm sure I spotted you logging yesterday whistle I was on and wish you spoke to me instead of posting on the forum. Unfortunately when people write something said one way can be read an other when you cant hear how its been said or longer explanations. e.g. when you say leadership I take that as Guild leaders, but do you include offices?

As for 2 people leaving Craft left because he was going to a mates guild I don't know if this was his mates own or one he was in but said he had enjoyed his time with PCG.
Also the member who asked for an invite said after he been invited though he slipped up and thought they though this was a guild already doing T3 raids.
As to the other leaving its the old chicken and egg that we don't have enough people geared to do raids and when people become geared want to be doing T3. Although unfortunately the person leaving had been with us some time.

Anyway there hopefully a DRR on tonight and hope your there
That's not a criticism it's me saying there are things that need sorting out a criticism would be me saying you are doing nothing about it forinstance.