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Default The Epicness of PCG


As PCG took to the Isle of Conquest in an attempt to secure it's resources for the Horde, we bravely attacked the waves of Alliance scum that dared stand in our way. They fell before Goffik's Might Swords, Ignite's Arcane wizardry, Sid's mighty onslaught and Ulthané's Holy Might.

But we would not have gotten far without the aid of Rafiki's might Elemental healing. That's right, not in the heal friendly restoration spec, but it the mighty Elemental Spec.

He rained Thunder and Lightning from our all mighty airship as we prepared our aerial assault. As we fell from the sky, like Angels of Holy Gaming Might, we set about our daunting task of thinning their massive numbers. All the while receiving the blessed aid of our fellow earthbender. As PCG stormed the Keep the Elemental Lords themselves came to Rafiki's aid as they aided our already mighty onslaught. As Blood Elf, Ork, Undead and Tauren fought with tooth and nail, the almight Darkspear Troll keep them standing until the very end....

Sensing that we were losing the battle but win the war, the Loa spoke to those who could hear. Calling his comrades to fall back to fight another day, Rafiki made the very skies shower the weary warriors of PCG with soothing rains as Ulthané called forth the Guardians of the Kings. But alas, that which protected the kings of old finally fell under the sheer swarm of alliance dogs. Goffik and Sidjames bravely rallied those around them and charged the on coming horde, buying enough time for Ignite to lay his traps. As we fell back to the safety of the harbour Rings of Frost revealed themselves on the ground, trapping the the foul servants of the crazied king, buying us enough time to make our escape.

As we set sail from the lost Isle, we turned towards the sun setting over the ruined Keep, we vowed then and there, "We shall return. We shall the battle, and the war. FOR THE HORDE! FOR PCG!"

Basically, we had a late night bg in Isle of Conquest in which Rafiki managed to pull off 4.2billion healing in elemental spec. An impressive feat in restoration gear, a bloodly god like feat in Elemental gear. So I decided to write a short story about that particular Battleground.

[CENTER]Here is the proof - [URL=""][/URL][/CENTER]
Ulthané, Light of Dawn - 85 Blood Elf Tankadin Jeweller - PCG Main
Elder Ulthanilla - 85 Tauren "Jack of all Trades" Druid - PCG Alt
Taldeer - Dirty Alliance Death Knight - Spacegoat
Ulthaze the Astral Walker - 85 Goblin Tailoring Priest - PCG Alt

Steam -

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