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yeah stormwind is going to be a hell, the only raid I've seen get garosh down since cata was probably about 40+ people and they only did it as the sheer numbers could beat the uncoordinated defence by horde players.

so if you are planning on getting stormwind you need to go there first so they have no warning (this is why a rouge hiding there the day before works as nobody knows they are there till it is too late and the entire raid is summoned into the next room) if they know you are hitting leaders there will be a welcoming party at both IF and SW, but the one in SW will be boosted even more just because of the number of people sitting around in SW.

so to do it now, you need a lot of planning and enough people to kill the king (they don't go down easy now, 20 people will take quite a while to get a kill) while also having enough to pick up any people defending and hold the line long enough for the kill to actually happen
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