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I think the problem is that neither Aran nor myself were consulted as to whether or not we wanted to be guild leaders. One time I logged in I was promoted to officer, then the next I knew I was made one of the leaders. We both have never had an authoritative role in a guild before, so all we could do was to try and make people happy and comfortable in the guild.
We left because if either of us kicked a member just because of their behaviour or attitude, then we did not want any of the backlash due to other members liking those people. You have to remember it was Talizorah's fault that the guild was split in two due to his actions, and it hasn't really recovered.
Aran and myself spent a lot of our time recruiting, helping people in instances, and giving advice etc. when we were only barely level 50 ourselves.

As Healzz said, this is just a game. Nobody else is paying our subscription fees etc, so we are free to go wherever we please. As for free loot/raids/instances, everyone involved is contributing to them whether it be in their guild, or via the random grouping tool/pugs, so nothing is free per se, more a collaborative effort with a random loot roll at the end.

The most valuable part of the game is making friends with people who you play with regularly, not some icon to place into your stats window. We can still group together whether we are in the same guild or not via the friends list etc.

As for people leaving, it will happen when you spend most of your time idling in Meridian with not much else to do. I'm sorry, but I would rather go to another guild that is more active in certain areas to validate the price that is paid each month, and the time invested in it. After all, Trion could pull the plug at any time if the game ceases to be financially viable, especially as there is a lot of competition in the MMO market, and a lot of people refuse to quit their WoW subs for another game.
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