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Default Goldeneye Source w/ Evan

I was one of the lucky few to get on to that server with 3 GE:S devs and Evan and other PCG member who may have been a writer but I forget his name (sorry if you were a writer!). We had a good time, playing some capture the key and I think some deathmatch, followed up with Man With the Golden Gun. Sadly the fun stopped short when the server seemed to have crashed, but rejoining one of the devs, I and another fellow, the wonderfully hilarious Stefan Strudelmeister, were asked what we would like to see most. Sadly short after I had to leave, but it was a great night and Evan says it will happen again.

I took some screenshots, as you can see by following this link to a zip I made:

[URL=""]Screenshots ftw[/URL]
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