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Default Super Report 18/6/11

first I must say great run everyone, my only comment is if you plan on raiding make sure you are ready to go and have everything you need before raid time. (I don't like late starts)

Sark (rogue and pally)
Aph (druid and lock)
Ieatpuppies (me)
Gank (for magmaw)

We started off the night in BWD, where we went after Magmaw first, we had a few wipes due to people learning the fight but in the end we got a good clean kill. after this we went on to Omnotron again we had a few wipes due to missed interrupts and not moving from add's, after a few wipes we Finally got the boss down.

at this point I was planing on going to BoT, but as we were doing well we went and gave Maloriak a try, a few people hadn't seen this fight (or were doing it on a new different class to normal) we had one or 2 wipes due to people get use to interrupts and only hitting the correct one, still well done to everyone you learnt the fight quick and we managed to down him fairly easily.

from here we went to BoT as I thought we might struggle with the other 2 bosses we did Halfus with a nice clean one shot, then decided to see if the trash would drop any epics, but when we got to the bottom of the stairs it was about 10:30 so we had a vote to see if we had a try at the twin drake, most people wanted to so we gave it a go, for all a few people hadn't seen the fight we made a very solid fist effort allowing people to see the entire fight, I plan on hitting this boss again next week and make a genuine try to kill them.

I forgot to take notes all I remember is we did a good job of gearing up aph's druid

next week
we will be starting in BoT to kill Halsuf then make a try for Valiona and Theralion, then go back to BWD with what time we have and try to kill magmaw, omni and if we have time maloriak.

again good work everyone this week.
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