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Default Spell Power = HPS/DPS = Profit

[SIZE="5"]Spell Power = HPS/DPS = Profit[/SIZE]

What they do not tell you is how your Spell DPS actually translates to damage on your spells. Dozen of critter deaths and countless lv15 mobs later, I believe I have the answer.

I am going to use my mage, Nylarthotep as an example. My lv 41 mage has a Spell Power of 442, which translates to 88.4 Spell HPS/DPS.

My normal Rank 8 Void Bolt does 98 - 102 dmg, on a critter, it hits for 274 - 278 dmg. The difference here is a total of 176 dmg, this is exactly twice the amount of 88.4 Spell HPS/DPS. This holds true for most single target nuke spells but still require verification.

Damage Formula (Single Target Spells)
Spell DPS x2 + Base Spell Damage = Total Damage 1

Damage Formula (DoTs)
Spell DPS x1.75 + Base Spell Damage = Total Damage 1

Damage Ticks for DoTs
Spell Duration / 1.75 = Number of Ticks (may have some discrepancies)

Example: Dark Touch
(88.4 x1.75) + 225 = 379 1 Dmg

If you picked up 1 point of Dark Power under the Warlock tree or any other Spell Damage boosting abilities, the game will auto adjust the base damage of your spells as you can see on the description.

This +2% also applies to your Spell DPS, so taking that into account

New Damage Formula (Single Target Spells)
Y(Spell DPS x2) + Base Spell Damage = Total Damage 1

New Damage Formula (DoTs)
Y(Spell DPS x1.75) + Base Spell Damage = Total Damage 1

[SIZE="1"]*Where Y is equals to the total percentage increase[/SIZE]

*Please note that in the game itself, decimals are taken into account. If my calculations are correct, the decimals go down to o.o1*

I am still experimenting with the calculations for AoE spells and Charge based spells.

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