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Sarkris 03-30-2011 02:32 PM

Afternoon Cata Raids
Please post on this Thread if you are interested in raiding on Sunday afternoons.

Please Tell me:

Character name:

Characters Main spec:

Characters Off spec:

Doomcluck 03-30-2011 02:38 PM

Character name: Jestah/Paladin

Characters Main spec: Holy

Characters Off spec:Prot

Character name:Pyró/Mage

Characters Main spec:Fire

Characters Off spec: Frost

Sendo 03-30-2011 03:00 PM

Character name: Sendo/Hunter

Characters Main spec: Marksmenship

Characters Off spec:Survival

Belara 03-30-2011 05:05 PM

Selwyn (Warlock)
MS: Affliction
OS: Demonology


Torlok (Shaman)
MS: Resto
OS: Elemental

Darieth 03-30-2011 05:12 PM

Character name: Ruafl (Shamling)

Characters Main spec: EleMENTAL

Characters Off spec: Restoration

Rhubarbed 03-30-2011 06:26 PM

Sunday afternoon raiding
I would be interested in Sunday raiding.

CHAR Dreigiau Fury warrior i lvl 353

Main spec melee dps

off spec Tank but not yet raid ready

Hemator 03-30-2011 07:25 PM

Character name: Hemator / Mage

Characters Main spec: Arcane

Characters Off spec: Fire (but not used it in ages, talent need fixing)

Sarkris 03-31-2011 09:24 AM

Ok guys just an update on how it stands atm

we have:

3 Potential healers

5 Potential Ranged dps

1 Potential melee dps

0 Tanks

Darieth 03-31-2011 09:24 AM

Bah, sod it, I'll bring my Pally and tank instead of the shammy!

Sarkris 03-31-2011 10:05 AM

well i aint gonna start running them until atleast next sunday so i will keep you listed as your shaman unless no other tanks appear at all

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