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ados 10-27-2012 10:00 AM

The finnish answer to chuck norris - minecraft lets player!
Hello Everybody! I am a Minecraft Youtuber from Finland. I am very new to the forums, but i have been playing minecraft for about 2 years now.

I started of with finnish minecraft videos, had over 550 subscribers, but after 5 months hard work i got hacked. So i decided to not cry over it and just start a new channel..IN ENGLISH! So...i have a funny accent.. Finnish + Talking English = FUNNY

I'd like to get some feedback on the videos if possible, and I hope you guys enjoy it! That's mostly what I want, for people to enjoy it and for me to enjoy playing aswell.

--------Bonus Info About My Lets Play---------
My lets plays are recorded & played on a server that is whitelisted for youtubers only called 'Pixel Sun'.
The server is very successfull, etc. d74g0n & Jeruhmi plays there
--------End Of Bonus Info-------------

Thanks for taking your time on reading this and please, check out my channel



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