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XxSTALKERxX 09-09-2012 04:57 PM

[RS] Russian Standard GRO recruiting new members
[CENTER]Selection process has begun for all classes and games.

In order to qualify:
-18+ preferably
-good manners
-ability to work in a team environment
-loyalty to the organzation


About Russian Standard
Is a newborn gaming community that has started its first branch with Ghost Recon Online, its a place for committed hardworking players, who like a close knit environment. In the future Russian Standard hopefully will grow and branch out to other games and platforms. Main goal is to have fun but there is always a competitive aspect to it. You don't have to be Russian in order to join. Spread the word around and let me know if you are interested.

[SIZE="5"][CENTER]To register visit [URL="http://www.russian-standard.enjin.com"]http://www.russian-standard.enjin.com[/URL][/CENTER][/SIZE]
[CENTER]Find us on:

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