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Lothoren 07-27-2012 05:25 PM

DarkForces | 24/7 | Towns | PvP | Instances | Unique Custom Classes
Darkforces is a Family run Survival server with custom built plugin tailored to our specific needs.

- The server is up and running almost 24/7 give or take 1-2 minutes each day for a daily reboot, although this happens when there are very few people on the server.

- Regular updates with large scale updates happening every couple of months.

- Towny, LWC, Alpha chest (available to certain donators only), Runecraft, iConomy

- Ender dragon travel system

- Custom classes: You can level up your classes to unlock more abilities and even more classes. With over 30 classes and each with over 15 levels, the possibilities are close to endless.

- Unique Instance maps: Bringing the MMO to Minecraft

- Supportive and helpful Staff, Admin and Dev teams. (Please note the chances of us handing out a Admin or Dev role are roughly the same as you winning every single lottery in every single country in the world on the exact same day.)

- Unique story driven events, instances and Admin town.

Visit our website at [url]www.darkf0rces.enjin.com[/url]

Server ip:

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