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MeJIbHuKoB 06-17-2012 09:20 AM

[TravianMAX] Professionally hosted server.
Hello to everyone.
Today i will introduce you my new project.
Travian server, i have working on it hardly and now, as i think, its ready to play on it.
So .. speed is x100 ( classical rates, which preferred by most of players )
troops speed x20, storage x20 and traders cap x5.

Also 1-5 villages required 0 c. points,
when you will do all quests you will get 350 gold (150 + 200).

In next week, i hope, i will change whole interface of the game ( maybe only colors, maybe total interface sys )

Also soon will add some sweet features.
k .. im done , sry for my illiteracy in english ( didn;t slept few days )

aww , forgot the link :
[URL="http://www.blackpanther.ee/travianMAX/"]TravianMAX homepage[/URL]

Enjoy it ! :D

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