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Zalid 04-20-2012 06:41 PM

Yor'sahj Heroic (addon)
Thought I'd post this here so that Team Win and anyone else interested can have easy access. The addon that I use during Team Awesome vs Yor'sahj Heroic is called [URL="http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/yorsahj"]Yor'sahj Automatic RaidWarnings[/URL].

There are 2 small changes that need to be done to it as the addon now stands as the author has failed to update it.

Lines 227-230 should read :
[PHP] SendChatMessage ("{rt8} Kill YELLOW! {rt8}", "RAID_WARNING");
SendChatMessage ("{rt8} Kill YELLOW! {rt8}", "RAID_WARNING");
SendChatMessage ("{rt8} Kill YELLOW! {rt8}", "RAID_WARNING");
SendChatMessage ("afterwards STACK and KILL MANA VOID! >>HEALING DEBUFF<<", "RAID_WARNING");[/PHP]
It currently tells you to kill the black blob, whilst the yellow one is the correct priority.

You can also add a disable feature to the addon by entering the following at line 303
[PHP]elseif (arg1 == "off") then
print "--Yorsahj: Warnings will not be sent."
YORmode = 4[/PHP]
Use "/yor off" to use the command.

These changes can be found in the comments section of the addon at the above link.

The only combination that we seemed to disagree with the addon on was Purple, Yellow, Red & Black. It was saying Yellow, when we reckon Purple would be easier. Now that our healers have settled down and are comfortable with the Purple debuff : [URL="http://www.wowhead.com/spell=105171"]Deep Corruption[/URL], we agree with the addon.

Hope this helps Team Win and any others out there :)

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