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Belimawr 08-10-2011 09:09 PM

Pvp 10/8/11
firstly thanks to the following people coming,
Mylthas (on his pally)

firstly a special thanks to dooks for coming from Temperature to heal us.

was a bad start to the night, we got annihilated by a team that was half full of people rated over 1500, so we decided to have a few war games.

the two teams,
Team 1: Belimawr, Ignite, Dudu, suprised and Dooks
Team 2: Welshy, Osk, Mylthas (pally), spine and littlesky

we decided to do a couple of 5v5 arenas, on the first one I told my team to target welshy (thought it would be funny) it turned out this was a working tactic as my team won, Osk called for a rematch so we went back and took it a bit more serious, we won again but team 2 put up a much better fight with osk managing to keep close to me for quite a while.

but from these they seem to be a really good way to practice and have a bit fun, the only down side is they give no honour, if we can get 2 even teams again next week we will warm up with a few of these.

after this we tried a trick to get 2 groups in the same BG, this worked to an extent both our groups got in the same BG, the problem being were I clicked join as a group a special person pressed join by him self :p

but anyway was a fun night, it's posted again for next week, hope to see some of you again then, as if we an keep at it we can get better and take out these rated teams who are smacking us.

Zalid 08-11-2011 11:37 PM

Sorry about the "Join as Group" mixup. I did say not to put me in charge :p

I don't know what was going on last night but it seemed like everyone wanted me for something.
I'm going to have to tell people in future that I am busy and go and bug another officer :D Ah, the life of an officer can be hectic at times.

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