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Nethriel 07-09-2011 08:55 PM

PCG "Mount and Blade - Warband" Community
Hello all, I've been playing alot of M&B warband online recently and got thinking about a PCG community/clan for those that may not be the bee's knees but would still prefer to play with a community. I had a quick search of the forums but couldn't seem to find anything of the sort so i thought i'd set one up.

General idea is that we could have weekly get togethers and bash each other up for a while and if we get enough decent players we could form a competitive wing. I've been talking to a couple of the lads from the PCG wurm village and it seems a few of us would be willing to give it a try so if others want in i could setup a steam group and we can organise a community bloodbath.

So for reference here is my steam ID: Missing_in_Action87
Give me a yell on steam or post in here if you want to join. All are welcome no matter how badly you suck, you can only get better :D.

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