Flash 11 will support 3D

Jaz McDougall

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The war for control of 3D gaming on the web is about to get veery interesting. That's because Adobe are working on 3D support for Flash - the ubiquitous web plugin. Objects will fly out of your screen and blow up your FACE and EVERYTHING!  That means there are now at least three competing 3D web APIs - HTML 5, Flash, and the excellent Unity. So excellent, in fact, that it's been a bit of a one horse race. Read on for three excellent browser games in all three of the dees.


Gorgeous tentacled whip-em-up, the bright and bloomy Blush casts you as an honest jellyfish. Whip eggs with your tentacles to win... tentacle points. Yes.


Sophie Houlden's gravity-muddling, box-trotting platform puzzler. Get to the exit in a host of levels! Find all the secret dudes! Never leave the comfort of your own browser!

Interstellar Marines

This is a proper FPS in a browser. Still here? Well, let me try to explain in some more depth why this is cool: this is a proper FPS in a browser!

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