Final Fantasy XII could be getting a remake

Final Fantasy XII could be getting a remake, if an announcement made by Arnie Roth, the conductor for a Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert held in Pittsburgh at the weekend, is accurate. Roth isn't really an authority when it comes to Square Enix's release plans, but he did make explicit reference to a "remake" and, well, Square Enix is in the habit of remaking Final Fantasy games. Also: Gamescom is this week.

You can see the announcement in the unofficial fan-captured video below. If Roth is correct and there is a XII game on the agenda, I think it's more likely to be a remaster than a fully-fledged remake. There's also the niggling question of whether it'd make it to PC: Final Fantasy Type-0 is on the way – as is the Final Fantasy VII remake – but the recent Final Fantasy X remaster isn't. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


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