Double Fine confirms Grim Fandango remaster coming to PC

Andy Chalk


Double Fine boss Tim Schafer revealed last month that Grim Fandango, the cult classic LucasArts adventure, was being remastered and re-released for modern systems. Unfortunately, those systems were the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and not the PC. Schafer didn't leave us out in the cold completely, however, saying at the time that there would be "talk about other platforms soon," and today he was as good as his word.

Schafer, who designed the original Grim Fandango back in 1998, acquired the rights to the game last year following Disney's closure of LucasArts . In a classic "good news, bad news" twist, the revival of the game was announced at Sony's E3 press event as a PlayStation exclusive. But no longer.

"Reap your heart out!" Double Fine tweeted . "We're pleased to announce Grim Fandango will also be available on PC, Mac, and Linux alongside PlayStation 4 and Vita!"

In further good news, Double Fine confirmed that all versions of the game will launch simultaneously, "So everyone can play day one and not have to worry about those spoilers you've been successfully avoiding for the past fifteen years." When that day will come remains a mystery, but right now the fact that it's happening at all is good enough for me.

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