Double Action: Boogaloo released, is a spiritual successor to The Specialists mod

Action? Not good enough. Double Action? You're getting warmer. Double Action: Boogaloo? I don't know what that means, but sure, okay. The packed-action shooter mod—a spiritual successor to Half-Life 1's The Specialists—is now available for download. It lets you flip, dive and slide, peppering enemies with slow-mo fire from akimbo pistols, or engaging in frantic free-fall firefights before gravity finishes the job.

Take a look at what to expect via this recent trailer.

Boogaloo was originally looking for funding through Kickstarter , but failed to raise even 10% of the requested $18,000. That didn't deter its creators, who say they're proud of their achievement, despite the game releasing almost a year later than planned.

There's more good news in the form of Steam Greenlight acceptance, meaning the mod will soon be available to download directly through that platform. If you'd rather try it now, you can download Double Action: Boogaloo from ModDB .


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