Divinity: Original Sin could "get you in trouble with your girlfriend"

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As Rich explained when Divinity: Original Sin was announced , Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke wanted to create an RPG he could play with his girlfriend, and dialog is important to that shared experience. In co-op, the two protagonists converse with NPCs using separate dialog options, and disagreements are solved with dice rolls in the background.

At E3, Producer David Walgrave showed me another type of dialog: topical conversations between the protagonists. If you play with a significant other, you may want to watch what you say.

"Your choices could get you in trouble with your girlfriend," said Walgrave.

He demonstrated a conversation which took place after the death of an NPC quest character who'd unwittingly slept with a disguised monster. The lead characters each got their say in the case: was she a victim, or was her promiscuity to blame for her fate?

That one's awfully touchy, but the brasher remarks suited the characters and world, and Larian's sense of humor precluded any personal offense. I intend to be completely awful and fall back on "I was just roleplaying, honey."


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