Deus Ex 3 screenshots and art explained

Tom Francis

Deus Ex: Human Revolution artwork

Now that the first screenshots and artwork of Deus Ex: Human Revolution are out, there's a lot going on in them that isn't obvious. One piece, for example, reveals that George W Bush is wanted for mass murder. There's also a lot that I found out when I visited Eidos Montreal that relates to what's being shown in these images, so as part of Deus Ex week , we thought we'd try a new way of talking about all this. Rich and I have done a sort of visual podcast for you: a two-part video of us talking over the artwork. The best way to watch is probably to start it playing, then go about your normal browsing in other tabs. You can just switch back when we start talking about something new.

This is something of an experiment, so if everyone hates it we'll try not to cry, and we'll keep playing around with different ways to talk about games.

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