Crysis 3's first Seven Wonders episode: grass, guns and gravelly voices

Phil Savage

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EA have posted the first episode of the Albert Hughes directed Seven Wonders of Crysis 3. The video series has some lofty aims, with its promotional page on the Crysis 3 website using terms like "emotional stories" and "intensely human", which is a particularly flowery way of describing what is basically a game trailer.

So intensely human.

Still, the CryEngine 3 powered jungle New York does look lovely, and the rusting mech sat between other derelict vehicles is a nice touch. It's also good to be shown some fairly open and free-form action being shown off, even if what's happening is very much what we've come to expect from a Crysis game. While the visual spectacle is great, surely what people really want to know is whether New York under the Liberty Dome is going to open up to a greater extent than in Crysis 2.

That said, there are six more episodes due between now and the game's release in February - plenty of chance for a glimpse at something beyond the expected gunplay and stealth take-downs.

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