C&C: Generals mod Rise of the Reds gets a massive update

We're just over 12 hours away from the release of GTA 5, and it feels as if the industry is holding its breath. This is the twilight hour of PC gaming. This is the moment when I can get away with writing about a two week old update to a six year old mod for a twelve year old game. I'm not even sorry.

The game is Command & Conquer: Generals, the mod is Rise of the Reds, and the update is 1.85.

Rise of the Reds adds two new factions to C&C: Generals—the Russian Federation and the European Union. Of course, it did that years ago when it was first released. So what's new in this update?

"For the last two years," writes 'NergiZed', "we have been working hard to present to you a variety of new features, including many new units and abilities for all factions, a complete visual overhaul of Russia and the GLA, the much anticipated GLA Recycler mechanic, countless tweaks to the AI and the inner workings of the game - but most notable of all, the inclusion of our own integrated multiplayer platform."

The mod also now works with Origin's C&C "Ultimate Collection". If you need an excuse to delve back into RTS history, this seems like a pretty good one.

You can download Rise of the Reds from its official site, or on ModDB.


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