SPONSORED: Win Ultimate Quest, Get Nvidia's Latest Release

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Big things are happening at NVIDIA, but we’re not exactly sure what that means. The PC gaming hardware gurus have decided to gameify the launch of a mysterious new product by putting it in the form of a tweet-based text adventure. It’s called “Ultimate Quest,” and from what we’ve heard it’s a five-day saga that will bring players across a dystopian urban landscape in search of a power that will change the world. This will be an adventured to challenge the most skilled gamers, but the first players to beat it will win the new product the moment it’s made available to the public.

Free, amusing PC Gamer Christmas wallpapers now available!

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We love Christmas at PC Gamer. Well, that's not entirely true. We love playing PC Games, and we end up doing a lot of that at Christmas. We love Christmas by association.

To celebrate, we've created three bespoke Christmassy wallpapers for you to download. Unless you've got three monitors (as discussed in the most recent PC Gamer US podcast) you'll only be able to use one at a time. Set your wallpapers to rotate if you can't decide. Don't know how to do that? Just use the first one.

Crush the rush in StarCraft II

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Now that StarCraft II has been out for a bit, you may think about venturing into multiplayer. Our experience is that no one likes being rushed and having their game of StarCraft II ended in minutes, but if you’re new to the game, it can be difficult to avoid. Enter our handy guide with strategies guaranteed¹ to help you fend off that first wave of attackers.

¹Not in any way guaranteed